On the way

N4180V is on the way. The aircraft went in the container on 31 May. Current estimate is that it will arrive in Dublin by the end of June.

Organizing the shipping ended up being the most stressful part of this so far; largely because the shipping agent was not good. Hopefully things will go smoother when the container arrives.

I have joined The International Cessna 170 Association (TIC170A http://www.cessna170.org/). They have a wealth of information, STCs and all kinds of excellent 170 history along with active forums where I expect to ask many questions during this project.

I found a light industrial unit with office space and a small warehouse/workshop area, which I need for work. Unfortunately the one that is ready now is already gone and it will be August before another is available.

Time spent just organizing things has been in bits and pieces but added up to another 5 hours!

Work Date: 8th June 2019
Hours: 5
Aircraft Section: Research & Admin