First Engine Run

Just what it says on the tin. After much work including replacement of all plugs and the second complete set of fuel lines we fueled her up with 20L of 100LL Avgas and fired up the engine.

There was no drama, a couple of minor weeping leaks from the fuel system so on the day all went well.

That is, of course, to skip neatly over the trouble we had getting the oil pump to prime. Ended up having to remove the starter, alternator, magnetos and accessory case to make sure the oil pump worked at all. We manually primed it and turned it over and oil happily spouted from the appropriate orifice. Checked the accessory case gasket – it was correct, and put it all back together … did I ever mention how much I love doing safety wiring, especially doing it over?

Reinstalled the various items, timed the magnetos and filled up with more oil than should have been necessary. I recharged the battery and turned the engine on the starter with the mags off until oil pressure showed on the gauges. Since then all has been fine on the oil pressure front.