Cessna 170 Renovation Project – Soon to be flying club!

Nearing completion of the refurbishment of our 1948 Cessna 170 Rag-wing. The plan was to make it airworthy and as pretty as possible in not more than 500 hours; we stopped logging hours some time ago! Famous last estimates and all … Once that’s done we’ll wet rent it to carefully chosen taildragger pilots!

It’s nerdy but important to note the difference between renovation (make new) and restoration (put back like it was). We are working to get her safely flying and fly her. She will not be show plane pretty and not everything will go back original, especially the panel. She will not fly on the C170 certificate of airworthiness, but rather on a permit-to-fly specific to this aircraft. This is a process managed by ILAS under IAA oversight, in many ways (but not all) similar to Experimental via EAA under FAA oversight in the US.

Recent Log Entries:

The Rudder Situation (18 February 2021) - One of the interesting things about working on an old aircraft rather than building a kit (which was my other choice) is the archaeology! Figuring out why someone did what they did when fixing, installing or changing something has been interesting. In a few cases the question was more along the lines of “how did […]
Quickie: The panel clock (13 January 2021) - One of the instruments that is staying in the panel is the clock. It is a wind-up 8-day clock that I think is original to the aircraft. The red hands allow you to set your waypoint ETA and then watch the white timing hands catch up by which time hopefully something looks recognizable. No it […]
Electrical System Finished (mostly) (23 September 2020) - I gave up onĀ  logging hours. As I don’t have a 51% requirement, it’s a renovation not a kit build, there is no regulatory need to show amateur effort percentage. Of course, other than the engine rebuild, it’s 100% my effort anyway. Panel completed The panel is ready for installation. All its bits and pieces […]