Wings and vinyl

Putting the wings on was a drama! So much so, that there are no photos. It took 4 of us about 5 hours to get 10 bolts installed with much bleeding and aggravation.

After the wing war was won it was on to the vinyl. The only reason for changing from the original design was the registration needs to be ICAO compliant. The plan is to fly to the UK and eventually to France, so undersized reg letters might have been OK, but won’t do for international travel.

To make space for the letters I decided to extend the red stripe up the side as in the photo. Eventually a matching pin-stripe will go around the red to blend into the original design a bit better. The tail logo is much bigger than original, but as the reg is not going on the tail, it seemed sensible to make the logo more visible.

The metal ID plate is last piece of ID work to meet the registration requirement.

Work Date: 15th May 2021
Hours: 8
Aircraft Section: