Arrived in Dublin!

After being delayed by Irish Customs, which ended up costing an extra EUR1,000; which I really appreciated; N4180V has arrived in Dublin. Her export deregistration paperwork is on its way to the FAA and she will never fly with that tail number again. Having looked her over for only about an hour, I am sorely tempted not to uncover the wings. They look as though they were done not that long ago and there is minimal damage to the ceconite.

We had thought to change up the paint scheme, but after looking through the TIC170A 170 book it appears that this is the original paint scheme (although definitely not the original paint.) I’m now inclined to keep it and while the pattern of the interior fabric was described as “something straight out of Mad Men”, that makes it exactly appropriate to her age.

Next steps are:

  1. lots of reading of logs, STCs etc. that came with her
  2. Cleaning everything
  3. Beginning the strip out of the interior
  4. Making a list of what to fix, remove, replace, etc.

Happy news: 2 of the 3 mods I was planning: 4-point seat belt harness, and landing light replacement, have already been done. Spin-on oil filter was done on her previous O-300 but I don’t know yet if the replacement engine has it. If not, that will definitely be added probably using the STC that’s already in her log book.

Project hours allocated to completing the shipping drama, continuing research, getting her unloaded and unpacked.

Work Date: 18th July 2019
Hours: 12
Aircraft Section: Research & Admin